Our Story

Rosie Dalia was founded in 2021 to bring boutique homeware and kid's clothing brands to the UK from India. Our curation of homeware and children's clothing showcases a colourful, elegant, and modern interpretation of floral and traditional patterns, on beautiful natural fabrics. We love craft and the skills of making but most importantly hope our unique finds and creations will bring a real joy to your home, your family and your friends.

“Growing up in Delhi and travelling extensively in India, I dreamt of creating a company that promotes the incredible crafts and rich traditions of the country I love so much. Rosie Dalia is a fusion of my experiences; a mix of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design.”

Nikki Greengrass, Founder

For more information about Rosie Dalia or if you have any press requests, please reach out to us at hello@rosiedalia.com where we will be happy to help.